Road to Tokyo 2020

Road to Tokyo 2020

2020 Will be a landmark year for both Refresh and Surfing as the sport makes its debut appearance at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The road so far saw us go through hundreds of tests across multiple countries. Many at our headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal but trips to Switzerland, Spain and Japan put our systems to the test.

Every conceivable scenario was thrown our way. Every line of code in our software looked at. In the end we are proud to say we are ready and have the only Surf Judge Scoring System in the world homologated to present itself at the biggest stage in sports. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible! From every member that ever integrated our teams across the planet since 1995, to every partner that has a license to use our software and contributes so much with invaluable feedback, to every organization that hired our services for their event and especially to the International Surfing Association for having us at their events and through close observation concluded we were the best choice to step up to the plate and deliver the best possible solution to cater to the needs of such a prestigious and demanding event as the Olympics.


Refresh Technology is a company based in Aveiro, Portugal.

More then two decades providing sports events with reliable and state of the art Judge Scoring Systems.

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