About Us

Based in Aveiro, Portugal we are a company dedicated to providing our customers with highly innovative and reliable judge scoring as well as judge video-replay systems. We aim to provide our systems across the globe and have established a network of sports federations and enterprises in numerous countries.

Our systems are for hire complete with all the hardware and trained personnel necessary for a smooth running event. And our door is always open to welcome new members into our global partner network.

Get to know us better with a brief look at our timeline. 28 Years of experience on display.


Judge Scoring System Unveiled

After 2 years of development the Refresh Judge Scoring System is unveiled at an event of the Global Organization of Bodyboard world tour. Praia de São Jacinto, a beach from our local town Aveiro, was where it all began. It was the first judge scoring system for surf events running on Windows with innovative visuals and got an enormous positive feedback from everyone involved.

European Surfing Federation embraces our judge scoring system

First with the Eurojunior, Portugal in 1996 then followed by the Eurosurf, Ireland in 1997, the European Surfing Federation recognizes the importance of computerized judge scoring systems at their events. Besides judge score management the system proves its worth at event management through automatic heat progressions. Time stands still for no one and our scoring solution keeps the pace.

Judge Scoring goes Mobile and Wireless

Our first mobile app is developed running on Windows PocketPC devices. With it comes wireless communication. Gone are the wires, gone are the clunky boxes with monochrome displays. Almost at the turn of the century color and touch screens catapult us further up the ladder as the most innovative and user-friendly system

Pipeline, Hawaii meets Refresh

Refresh leaves European waters crossing the Atlantic to beautiful Hawaii, showcasing the system at Pipeline.

Working Equitation requests Refresh

Working Equitation is a four phase sport consisting of Dressage, an Obstacle Course and Speed Obstacles. Very popular in Portugal so when the World Working Equitation Championship came to Beja, Portugal the organizers quickly contacted Refresh to develop a complete event management system. From judge scoring at the Dressage phase to results registration from the remaining phases. Even individual and team standings were accounted for.

Our first ISA World Surfing Games

The International Surfing Association visited Costa da Caparica for the 2008 World Surfing Games and we got the call to move front and center. We did and we showed there was no stopping our Judge Scoring System, it worked flawlessly. But it showed we had enormous ground to cover at the internet side of things setting goals for years to come.

Glassyrede, our first Global Partner

Spanish company Glassyrede's CEO, Antonio Obenza, signs the first contract with Refresh to own a system outside of Portugal. A landmark for our company as contracts would soon follow with organizations from Costa Rica, UK, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Norway and Argentina.

Our first World Kayak Surfing Championship

Following the success at board surfing events we enjoyed yet another discipline's world stage event: Kayak Surf. Having done over the years several more World Kayak Surfing Championships it surely says we've done it right.

ALAS Latin Tour meets Refresh

As we head out to the beautiful Margarida Island for the ISA World Bodyboard Championship Venezuela to provide our Judge Scoring System as well as our Webcast Solution we stay on for the Margarida Island stop of the ALAS Latin Tour. Two very significant events for us, as they would further open the doors to firmly establish Refresh in South America.

Debut of the Refresh Judge Replay System

After 1 year in development the ISA World Surfing Games 2014 witnessed the successful debut of our Judge Replay System. We've come a long way from the 1 camera system with "voice demand" replays. In 2018 the highly streamlined system reached new heights in terms of user friendliness and number of simultaneously connected cameras. Every replay instantly accessible at the head-judges's fingertip.

Red Bull Skate Arcade

The customers asks, we deliver. A highly customized version of our software is now the Skateboard Judge Scoring System. Our Research & Development in close contact with our customers paving the way for another success story.

Landmark after Landmark

A year to remember as surf steps up its game in the world of sports. Refresh once again rizes to meet the challenge of preparing for so many landmark events across the globe. Showcasing how a judge scoring system should run in terms of reliability and the ease with which it interfaces with great TV Broadcasting and Data Collection Networks at various prestigous events through out the year.


Refresh Technology is a company based in Aveiro, Portugal.

More then two decades providing sports events with reliable and state of the art Judge Scoring Systems.

Contact us or any of our partners to upgrade your event into the new information technology era!